Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth with an elevation of 8848 meters (29,029 feet). It is situated between the northern part of Nepal and southern part of Tibet, China. Mount Everest is popularly known as ‘Sagarmatha’ in Nepal and ‘Qomolongma’ in Tibet  Mount Everest lies in Sagarmatha National Park which is one of UNESCO world natural heritage sites.

After arriving at Lukla, the expedition journey begins. It will take about one week to reach the base camp of Mount Everest from Lukla. Journey to Everest can be described as an experience of a journey close to Nirvana or journey to the roof of the world. Every year thousands of travelers reach Everest Base Camp which is situated at 5630 meters high from the sea level. People dream to conquer this majestic mountain but the fact is everyone cannot climb it and cannot afford it. In 2018, 449 climbers summited Everest via Nepal (from the South) and 120 from Chinese Tibet (North side) and made their dream come true. Everest Base Camp or Mount Everest is one most important place every human being should go there once before they die because there is nothing to compare with Mount Everest.

Every year hundreds of people attempt to climb Mount Everest and only a few successes. In order to succeed to climb Mount Everest, you’ll need good health, good preparation (training, climbing skills, food, logistics, climbing etc) and a good and a professional climbing guide who lead you to the top of the mountain. To climb these giant 8000-meter peaks, there is no other better guide than Sherpa guides. Adventure Blossom organizes Everest expedition every season providing the professional Sherpa climbing guides, support guides with complete logistical support, ensuring safety,  and high success rate.

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