Nepal has varieties of culture and tradition because of the lots of ethnic group we have. We have 123 types of ethnic group and their 125 types of languages and specially their different life style to each other make Nepal so beautiful. Normally Nepal is collection of village so we have a lot of village here, almost of village starting to promote their own place and the local material to attract local and international tourist.
Home-stay and village tour is the best possible way to explore the agriculture, lifestyle, their livelihood, hospitality, culture and religions, deserved by the groups in one particular area. In village tour people get employment on their own place and visitor can taste the local food and observed local handicraft and materials that also can be one of the great achievement and motivation for local people.
Normally, from almost of the village we can see the some range of beautiful mountain, that’s why it also feel like we are staying on the lap of mountain and the fresh air realized us we are almost to the heaven.
In Nepal we have several home-stay. People can choose as per their need and time duration. To avoid the city area and all the busy schedule people can choose home-stay to enjoy and feel like a Nepali, With the great entertainment collect lifetime memories.